Editor|Hampton Court Palace | The Kitchens

Video Projection Mapping

A series of permanent installations for The Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace.

The installations were filmed, composited and edited by Kyle Waters and produced by the design studio Chomko & Rosier.

As part of the team Kyle led the video and compositing aspects of the whole process, experimenting on how best to achieve the visual effect while conveying a historically accurate interactive narrative. The process involved experimenting with 3D lighting, camera angles and other trick of the eye techniques that allowed the mapping to become lifelike within the Palace walls.

The installations include a set of touch sensitive chopping boards that trigger the sights, sounds and sensations of Tudor cooks preparing dishes. An early morning meeting of the Board of the Greencloth is brought to life, with the empty table top, stool and back window augmented through sound and projection. In the Boiling House visitors peer into what appears to be a large cauldron of boiling meat as the Yeoman of the Boiling House watches over.